What About Us?

What “Digital Greece” is?

A whole Pavilion of the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) full of start-uppers! Wait a moment… Not just a pavilion. The second biggest one of the TIF Exhibition and Congress Centre; almost 3,000 square meters of innovation. For the first time, the whole Greek start-up community gets together and the result is expected… huge; to say the least.

What will I see there?

Active startups, community supporters and funds, will all be there, meeting visitors at a purely business booth. The experience will be enhanced by a rich program of specialists’ presentations, panels, workshops and startup stories.”Digital Greece”, in its effort to highlight entrepreneurship and innovation, hosts over 100 startups, 20 entrepreneurship structures and funds. They are all eager to meet everybody who is interested in seeing, talking and exchanging ideas and opinions.

Why attend?

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, if you want to unveil new perspectives, if you want to talk to people active in the field, learn from them or give them your own feedback, in interactive speeches and workshops, then “Digital Greece” is the ideal place for you.

How much will my participation cost me?

Nothing. Having registered for TIF 2018, you can enjoy everything we have prepared for you in “Digital Greece” for free.

Who is responsible for all these?

“Digital Greece” is a project of the Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, implemented in collaboration with TIF-Helexpo. Pavilion 12, is curated by ID-GC.